Investor FAQs

1. When did Amira Nature Foods begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange?

We began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 10, 2012.

2. On what stock exchange are Amira Nature Foods shares traded and what is the ticker symbol?

Our common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ANFI.

3. What does Amira Nature Foods do?

We are a leading global provider of packaged Indian specialty rice, with sales in over 40 countries. We generate the majority of our revenue through the sale of Basmati rice, a premium long-grain rice grown only in certain regions of the Indian sub-continent, under our flagship Amira brand as well as under other third party brands.

4. How do I obtain a copy of the Company’s financial statements and public filings?

Annually and quarterly financial results and other information for Amira Nature Foods are available on this website. You can automatically receive updates by clicking on the E-Mail Alerts.

5. Who is Amira Nature Foods’ transfer agent, and what is their contact information?

Continental Stock & Trust Company is our transfer agent and can be contacted for a variety of shareholder-related services including change of address, lost stock certificates, stock transfer, account status and other administrative services. You can contact the transfer agent at 212.509.4000 ext. 206, or by e-mail at

6. When is the fiscal year end for Amira Nature Foods?

The fiscal year ends March 31.

7. Who are the Company’s independent auditors?

ASA & Associates LLP (“ASA”)

8. How do I contact the Investor Relations team with a question or request?

Please go to our Information Request page.

9. Where is Amira Nature Foods located?

Our headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We also have offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.