Chairman’s Message

kac-chairman-bigOur endeavour is to build relationships that bond people and cultures across the world through the Common Language of Food. This is the power of “Food Connect”.

As the world shrinks, and becomes a village, food becomes a universal language and connection as we connect with consumers, farmers and communities, and reinvent AMIRA into a power brand, we ask ourselves what are the key beliefs that we will hold on to, and never ever compromise on? – I believe that for us today and tomorrow are essentially driven by passion and I call it “Passion for Purity.”

“Passion for Purity”is not just a slogan. It is a business imperative.

As people across the world are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat, we see great opportunity because we as a company internalized “Purity” as a core value from its inception and our foray into Organic Foods, is a case of business philosophy finding expression in business opportunity.

Food Connect” and “Passion for Purity” are not ideas that have been transplanted at AMIRA, these are at the core of our value system since 1915 when AMIRA started out as a family run business dealing in rice and along the way, we started connecting with the world.

Instead of looking at the markets around us, we started looking at the world as a market and started taking the Finest, Purest Basmati Rice from India, and showcasing it before the world.

We did things differently. We continue to try make a difference.

AMIRA set up the first fully automated rice mill for Basmati rice in India which meant the consumer could enjoy Basmati that was processed in a world-class environmentuntouched by human hands.

As AMIRA transformed in to a professionally managed organization with a footprint in over 40 countries, the world took notice.

But I’m not going to talk only about accolades here. Yes, we made it to Asia’s Most Promising Brands Edition 2013, and Power Brands India 2013, but awards are about what you have done till now, and business is about the future and the way I see it, the future is about looking at the worldsans boundaries.

AMIRA is emerging as a truly global brand, not only because of its presence in markets across the world, or because we have entered the RTE segment and Organic Foods, or even because we now listed on the NYSE but because we think global.

Today, we are present in four continents. By 2025, our footprint will be seen in 5 continents, as we connect  people and cultures through the power of “Food Connect”.

At AMIRA this is our vision.

Karan A Chanana
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Amira Nature Foods Ltd