Rice Varieties & Edible Oil


Natural White Rice

Paddy undergoes process of dehusking, cleaning, sortexing in the rice plant. Served to customers after ensuring all quality Parameters are met. We supply Indian Traditional variety, Pusa Basmati and 1121 basmati rice right from consumer packs to bulk packs.


Sella Basmati Rice

Rice is processed, parboiled and Polished using latest technology at AMIRA’s mill. It has a longer shelf life and is perfect for Biryani preparation. We can supply Indian Traditional, Pusa and 1121 Sella Basmati in Creamy and Golden form. We offer in various Packaging including consumer and Bulk Pakcs as well.

Long Grain Rice

Long Grain and Medium Grain Rice

Varieties : Sharbati, IR 64, PR 106, PR 11, IR-36, Panth-4, Sona Masoori, 1001 exported in Raw and Parboiled form.

Average Grain Length : The average Length of the above except Sona Masoori variety is between 6mm – 6.15 mm and for Sona Masoori variety it is between 5.5mm – 5.7 mm

Broken Percentage : Varies as Per customer requirement

Packaging : 50kg attractive PP bags

Countries : Africa, Bangladesh, Mongolia and we regularly export under the World Food Programme of the United Nations.