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Amira Nature Foods Ltd Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Intends to Hold Shares Released from IPO Lockup

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 8, 2013-- Amira Nature Foods Ltd (the “Company” or “Amira”) (NYSE: ANFI), a leading global provider of packaged Indian specialty rice, today announced that despite the expiration of the lockup agreement between Amira and Karan A Chanana, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, that was entered into in connection with Amira’s initial public offering, Mr. Chanana does not plan to sell, and rather intends to hold all of the Amira shares beneficially owned by him. Mr. Chanana beneficially owns 99.9% of the fully diluted Amira ordinary shares subject to such lockup agreements, all of which are expiring today.

About Amira Nature Foods

Founded in 1915, Amira has evolved into a leading global provider of packaged Indian specialty rice, with sales in over 40 countries today. Amira sells Basmati rice, a premium long-grain rice grown only in certain regions of the Indian sub-continent, under their flagship Amira brand as well as under other third party brands. Amira sells its products primarily in emerging markets through a broad distribution network. Amira’s headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it also has offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Source: Amira Nature Foods Ltd

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